Devita Natural Skin Care Neck and Decollete Serum (1×1 fl Oz)

Devita Natural Skin Care Neck and Decollete Serum (1×1 fl Oz)


Enjoy Devita Natural Skin Care Neck and Decollete Serum – 1 fl oz every day at these amazing prices! Welcome to the “V-ZONE” – That forgotten land that starts at the bottom of your chin and winds down to your cleavage. Yes – the ñT-Zoneî gets all the attention, but the forgotten ñV-Zoneî tells the true tale of aging by showing signs of hyperpigmentation, loss of firmness and resilience, tone and texture. DeVitaÍs Neck and D_collet_ serum can help restore ñV-Zoneî integrity by helping diminish and calm the look of hyperpigmentation with marine extracts, Kojic Acid and Arbutin, while encouraging collagen and elastin production with pumpkin, bladderwrack extract (also a powerful anti-oxidant!) extract and precious lipids. This intense serum coats and protects the delicate tissues of the decollete area and keeps it soft and hydrated all day long without any heavy or greasy feeling. Regular use helps to soften, smooth, refine and revitalize. So ease your tell tale signs by remembering to care for your ñV-Zoneî with DeVitaÍs Neck and D_collet_ serum.æ Product characteristics include: Coconut alkanes (and) coco-caprylate/caprate, Caprylic/capric triglycerides (derived from coconut), Tocopherol (vitamin E), Squalane (olive), Laminaria ochroleuca (marine algae) extract, Cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) seedcake, Fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack) extract, Hedera helix (ivy) leaf/stem extract, Centella asiatica (gotu kola) extract, Echinacea purpurea (coneflower) extract, Kojic dipalmitate, Arbutin, Citrus paradisi (grapefruit) seed extract. All Ingredient labeling adheres to international INCI standards. (Please note: Description is informational only. Always read the product label before use and check with your health professional before using this product)

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Devita Natural Skin Care Neck and Decollete Serum (1×1 fl Oz)